SAF€RA project database

Research projects on industrial safety

This project database allows you to find information on research projects funded in the context of SAF€RA, a partnership between a number of European organizations that fund research on industrial safety.

Browse projects

Browse projects

You can browse projects funded within SAF€RA. Information is available concerning:

  • the societal challenges and scientific questions addressed by each funded project;
  • the research teams undertaking the work;
  • the project work plans and planned deliverables.

Target audience

This website should be useful to researchers in the area of industrial safety, by providing visibility into societal challenges and research questions currently being addressed by projects funded in the EU, and information on which research teams address which topics (competency mapping). It also aims to be useful to stakeholders in issues related to industrial safety (industry, trade union members, government officials, general public), by providing timely access to research results.